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The Inaugural Respect 2040 Executive Governance Group is meeting for the first time on Thursday the 30th of May. This group (R2040EGG) brings together courageous and progressive leaders from across the Barwon South West to provide effective governance and strategic direction to the Respect 2040 partnership, establish robust foundations of a thriving partnership, support action groups to sustain evidence based primary prevention, and promote Respect 2040 to other regional leaders.

Email projects@womenshealthbsw.org.au
Phone 03 5500 5490


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We proudly acknowledge Aboriginal people as the first peoples, Traditional Owners and custodians of the lands and waters on which this work occurs. We acknowledge and respect the wisdom, living culture and unique role that Aboriginal people hold, and saw them thrive for thousands of years. We also acknowledge the ongoing leadership role of the Aboriginal community on gender equality and the prevention of violence against women. As First Peoples, our Aboriginal communities are best placed to determine their own culturally appropriate path to gender equality.

We acknowledge the support of the State Government of Victoria Office for Women - Free from Violence Women’s Health Service Capacity Building Fund.