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Why get involved

Everyone benefits from gender equality.

Breaking down rigid gender roles and enabling all people to live in a way that is true to themselves improves mental, physical, emotional, and social health outcomes for everyone. It leads to safer societies as well as more prosperous economies.

While the benefits are wide ranging and many in number, we have included some important outcomes here, with lots of guiding documents linked for further evidence and reading.

  • Gender equality is a human right and precondition for social justice.
  • Communities that maintain greater equality between men and women experience a range of social benefits, including increased cohesion, connectivity and greater health and wellbeing.
  • Gender-equal practices allow men to engage more in family life and take on caring responsibilities.
  • Workplaces that have a positive reputation for promoting gender equality have access to a larger talent pool, and have an enhanced ability to attract and retain high performing talent
  • Increasing women’s participation in the workforce has tangible benefits for Australia’s GDP
  • A diverse and inclusive workforce generates tangible benefits, such as increased efficiency, productivity, innovation, creativity, and improved employee engagement. Increased gender diversity on boards and senior executive positions is associated with better financial performance.

Make a commitment

Achieving gender equality is not something that will occur quickly or easily and must be a shared endeavour. Deep and lasting social transformation cannot occur without a broad-based movement for change – one that involves diverse participation from communities, organisations and institutions.

Respect 2040 understands that we are all in different situations, your commitment to this social movement may not be the same as someone else. To reflect the varying levels of capacity from our partners, and potential partners, we have developed six levels of commitment to select from. They are:

• Leading
• Owning
• Contributing
• Endorsing
• Following
• Observing

Our model values your input from wherever you are located.


Follow the link to our Commitment Spheres to read more about the levels and examples of demonstrating commitment. Once you have determined where your organisation or group best aligns, download the corresponding membership form and follow the instructions.

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Are you interested in becoming a partner of Respect 2040?

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We proudly acknowledge Aboriginal people as the first peoples, Traditional Owners and custodians of the lands and waters on which this work occurs. We acknowledge and respect the wisdom, living culture and unique role that Aboriginal people hold, and saw them thrive for thousands of years. We also acknowledge the ongoing leadership role of the Aboriginal community on gender equality and the prevention of violence against women. As First Peoples, our Aboriginal communities are best placed to determine their own culturally appropriate path to gender equality.

We acknowledge the support of the State Government of Victoria Office for Women - Free from Violence Women’s Health Service Capacity Building Fund.